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 Layered Fusion - Your Go-To Spot for Delightful Drawer Knobs! 

Welcome to Layered Fusion, where imagination and technology blend to create unique and captivating 3D printed products. Powered by the latest 3D printing technology, we create detailed and exciting designs that effortlessly transform any space.

Every product is hand-made and printed on-demand. Our diverse color palette allows self-expression, enabling you to choose your favourite color, match your room's colour palette, or simply add a splash of vibrancy to your space.

What sets us apart? Our beautiful, one-piece designs. They're not only visually striking but also easy to install and use. It's this combination of aesthetics and functionality that defines our approach to design.

Explore Layered Fusion - your destination for innovative, colourful, and personalized 3D printed products. Experience the fusion of creativity and technology today!